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SEED SPOT Vendor Fair Recap

By Sierra LaDuke

Pop quiz! Why was Friday one of the coolest days of the year in the SEED SPOT office?

  1. a) the AC was extra turnt
  2. b) C’pher and Corinn rap battled
  3. c) there was a Vendor Fair!

If your answer was C, then you are more right than that wing D-Trump chills in.

The purpose of the fair is to give our new cohort a platform for establishing connections with local business-building companies. What’s so awesome about this? I asked a volunteer from Local First, Jake Swanson, that very question. “There are so many project oriented toward community development, that’s its just incredible,” replied Swanson.

Current venture and creator of BeHelper, Brad Taris found the skills and resources that vendors offered to be invaluable. “It’s cool seeing how there is potential to get help with the things i’m not good at,” Taris said.

We used this event to experiment with Periscope, a live broadcasting app that allows people to tune in on their smart phones. We’re happy to announce that we had a total of ten viewers; considering that not one of those ten were SEED SPOT staff, I’d say that’s a pretty successful number for our first broadcast. If you have the app, follow us !(@SEEDSPOT)!

Lauren McDanell

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