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Terry Smith participated in SEED SPOT’s in-person Phoenix Impact Accelerator, and has a lot to share about the experience! If you’re interested in joining this 8-week program, please apply here

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Terry Smith joined SEED SPOT in 2020, as a 2-Day Launch Camp entrepreneur. After taking a pause from the entrepreneurial world, Terry joined SEED SPOT’s 10 Year Anniversary and Demo Day. Watching these ventures pitch their businesses, Terry felt compelled to re-join SEED SPOT’s programming, this time with our eight week Impact Accelerator. 

Terry is the founder of AirLoom, an augmented reality greeting cards platform. Their goal is to create memories in augmented reality that can be passed down from generation to generation. With creativity and ingenuity, Terry is planning to change the way this generation thinks of heirlooms and birthday messages. With the help of SEED SPOT, Terry has the vocabulary, resources, and connections to bring this into market. 

One day, Terry plans to mentor an aspiring entrepreneur through their venture’s journey. Today, Terry looks to Tristan Gandolfi, SEED SPOT’s Vice President of Programming, as an inspiring mentor. “Tristan is relatable, and if I’m feeling discouraged, she knows what to say.” Alongside Tristan, Terry was introduced to a handful of mentors, where he was given the opportunity to pitch to each of them. Terry worked through any and all nerves when it came to pitching, and claims that practicing your pitch is essential! 

SEED SPOT’s world-renowned curriculum provides entrepreneurs, like Terry, access to the vocabulary and business planning needed to succeed. Entrepreneurs like Terry use this curriculum to then build platforms, ventures, and missions that change the world (and the heirlooms of tomorrow). If you’re interested in the intersection of augmented reality and greeting cards, connect with Terry today.

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