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Meet our NEW Team Members!

We’ve had a ton of growth here at SEED SPOT lately, and we’re so proud of the amazing people that have joined our team! Sierra sat down with each of our new co-workers to get to know them better – enjoy!



Lauren McDanell took over the role of SEED SPOT’s Phoenix Director of Entrepreneur Initiatives a few weeks back. Since then, she has assisted the 6th cohort in perfecting their pitches and helped coordinate an epic DEMO DAY at the Orpheum.

It’s about time we learn a little more about the woman behind the chic blonde lob (long bob) and red lipstick.

Lauren earned her marketing degree from The University of Arizona and has since held various positions in the field. Her experiences include marketing dozens of products for a toy company, serving as the program director for Tallwave’s High Tide accelerator program and working as the director of marketing for

As you can see, she is a qualified and dedicated gal. In addition to her work experience, Lauren’s corky pastimes and outgoing personality have also made her an invaluable new asset to the SEED SPOT team.

SEED SPOT: What’s your favorite song?
Lauren: Any country song I can swing dance too.

SEED SPOT: What’s your biggest fear?
Lauren: The ocean. I really like going to the beach, and love cruises- but the ocean at night is very frightening. Also, seaweed… I hate when seaweed touches me.

SEED SPOT: If you had to ride an animal into battle, what would it be?
Lauren: Definitely something that flies. I’m thinking a pterodactyl. That way I’m like eating people but am still above what’s happening.

SEED SPOT: What should people know about you?
Lauren: I have two cats, Donald and Daisy.

SEED SPOT: So you’re a Disney fan?
Lauren: Oh yeah, I love Disney. I have a piano I don’t really know how to play- but I do play Disney princess songs.

Lauren is a true local. She loves the Phoenix Suns, and enjoying happy hour at restaurants in the area. She said she’s pumped to have this new role in the SEED SPOT office downtown.

“It’s great to be joining a team that has already built such a great environment and program,” Lauren said, adding that she’s excited to come in, “and work within this framework and continue to evolve the program to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in Phoenix.”




Say hello to the newest addition to the SEED SPOT team, Tanya Perry! Despite the identical last name, Tanya is unrelated to our Operations Manager Corinn Perry, #nonepotism!  Tanya is our new Chief Financial Officer. She’s here to help enhance our finance function and infrastructure as SEED SPOT gets ready to scale across the country.

Tanya is a native of Maine, but for eight years now Phoenix has been her main base. She received an executive MBA from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) and has spent the majority of her career in financial leadership roles for many social enterprises and nonprofits.

We asked Tanya a few questions to learn more about the woman behind the numbers.

SEED SPOT: What are you looking forward to most as a new member of the SEED SPOT team?
Tanya Perry: I’m looking forward to being part of such an energetic, dynamic team that is really poised to do great things and transform the way social problems are solved.
SEED SPOT: Besides money maintenance things, what do you enjoy doing?
TANYA: I like to hike, play golf, and run.

SEED SPOT: What kind of shows are your favorite?
TANYA: I’m a huge crime buff. I love Dateline and 48 Hours.

SEED SPOT: If you had to eat a crayon, what color and why?
TANYA: Red because it reminds me of hot and spicy and I like hot and spicy foods.

SEED SPOT: Where is your favorite place?
TANYA: Somewhere outdoors, where there’s real natural beauty. I just really love the woods and mountains in places like Utah. To me, that’s where it’s most peaceful.

SEED SPOT: What is the most important lesson you have ever learned?
TANYA: Trust your instincts, trust the journey. Try not to let other people guide your path.

Lauren McDanell

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