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Do You Have Your Entrepreneurial New Year’s Resolutions?

Goodbye 2020. 2021, let’s go. The end of the calendar year is a good time to reflect on the previous year and set priorities for the new year for yourself and your business. Since 2020 was unlike anyone has ever experienced in their lifetime, let’s all pat ourselves on the back for making it through…

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3 Self-Care Tips and Tools For Busy Founders

This year has been intense for everyone, especially founders of startups and small businesses. We have been balancing a completely new environment while pressing forward with business goals and taking care of the teams. From restaurants to high-growth apps, entrepreneurs have been going at full speed and pivoting throughout the year. As 2020 winds down…

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Two Quick Tips To Increase Customer Conversions

Impact-driven ventures exist to help make a difference in the world through serving their customers, users, or beneficiaries. Yet, one of the hard parts of any startup is converting customers into paying users. For some social enterprises, giving away their services is part of their model… but even giving away their product or services can…

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Startup Marketing: Where To Start

Every company and founder needs to build a marketing engine to drive awareness and close deals. Yet, as a founder and entrepreneur, there is limited time, energy, and resources to spend on expensive campaigns, agencies, and opportunities that may not drive the startup to success. As a founder, where do you start? In the beginning,…

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Every Founder Should Know These Metrics

As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen.” A key aspect of building a startup is focusing on making progress towards a sustainable and impactful venture. Every impact-driven startup should track key metrics to know they are on the right path… but what should you track? Let’s break it down for…

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SEED SPOT wins $300k EDA Grant in Partnership with Canyon Angels

The partnership will grow Arizona’s local investment ecosystem through training 180 new angel investors to deploy $4m in investment capital over the next 3 years. Phoenix, AZ: SEED SPOT and Canyon Angels will train 180 angels to grow the robust investing community in Arizona and create more access to early-stage funding for entrepreneurs with a…

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How SEED SPOT Entrepreneurs Overcome Barriers in Uncertain Times

By: Duane Rollins, Vice President of Impact & Research Every year, SEED SPOT surveys hundreds of alumni nationwide to gauge the progress their ventures are making year over year. All of this information is included in our Annual Impact Report, which showcases the collective impact our entrepreneurs are creating in their communities. This past year,…

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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Tips for the Self-Employed

By: Erin O’Shea, CFO of SEED SPOT You may have heard that there is cash available under the CARES Act for small businesses including independent contractors. One of the things that has confused people is the fact that the loan amount is based on average payroll.  If you’re working solo, you may not even be…

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#OpenWeStand: SEED SPOT Joins GoDaddy Coalition of 30 Brands Sustaining Small Businesses alongside Salesforce, Slack, and American Express

GoDaddy recently launched #OpenWeStand, a movement designed to help small businesses keep their doors open in the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19. To double down on supporting entrepreneurs through these unprecedented times, SEED SPOT joined a coalition of 30 brands including American Express, GoFundMe, PayPal, Salesforce, and Slack. “At SEED SPOT we have responded quickly…

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