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Bring SEED SPOT to Your City

Build the Movement

Build the movement of impact driven change makers in your city. SEED SPOT has three programs to support entrepreneurs in your city. All of our programs are designed to support either adult or youth entrepreneurs.

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2-Day Workshop

Our 2-Day Workshops are designed to provide a crash course on social entrepreneurship, inspire people to think about what change is possible through innovation, connect with like-minded people, and iterate on an idea that can grow into a sustainable business.

In two days, participants will leave with:

  • Understanding of social entrepreneurship
  • Ability to understand root causes of social problems
  • Design thinking skills to creatively innovate towards a solution

Workshop Itinerary

Bring the Workshop to Your City

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5-Day Boot Camp

Interested in bringing a 5-Day Bootcamp to your community? Of course you are! SEED SPOT’s 5-Day Bootcamps are designed to help idea stage entrepreneurs and youth iterate through problem, solution, and business model in a safe and inclusive environment. What happens over five days is incredible - we have helped entrepreneurs go from concept to customers in 5 days!

Boot Camp Itinerary

Bring the Boot Camp to Your City

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SEED SPOT fosters a community of inclusivity and economic development. For every community, we ensure long term competitiveness and positive social change. Every city should have a home for entrepreneurs that have a seed of an idea and place to receive the support to grow it. SEED SPOT provides this hub for entrepreneurs and supports their journey.


In a city, we build programs that support entrepreneurs that are focusing on social enterprises from pre-idea stage to scaling stage.

  1. We believe entrepreneurs are the number one priority
  2. We provide best in class programming. We have been recognized as a Top 20 Global Accelerator and a Top Social Incubator.
  3. We help cities focus on supporting entrepreneurship, not on the logistics of starting an incubator.
  4. We increase the efficiency and decrease cost of running an incubator in a city.
  5. We provide entrepreneurs with a network inside and outside the city.

What does SEED SPOT provide?

SEED SPOT will provide a robust set of resources to start and more importantly, we will roll up our sleeves and help the city every step of the way:

  • Roadmap to starting a New Social Impact Incubator - a 200 page guidebook with templates
  • The FULL Social Enterprise Curriculum and SEED SPOT Impact Canvas
  • Mentorship Program Training and Guidebook
  • Marketing and Communication Best Practices and Templates
  • Fundraising Training and Support
  • Operation Guidelines and Support
  • Human Resource Guidelines and Support
  • We take care of the accounting, finance, digital marketing, and legal needs for a city
  • Yearly Trainings for staff to ensure latest best practices

Make Your City a SEED SPOT Hub City

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