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Branding, Marketing, and Sales

How to Build an Engaging Brand from Start to Finish

By: Bianca Buliga, Digital Marketing Manager Did you know that it only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo? Every new and growing company needs a solid brand. To build loyalty with your consumers, it’s crucial to create seamless transitions across all marketing materials through color, voice, logo treatment, etc.…

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5 Ways to Make Your Business Pitch Perfect

By: Bianca Buliga, Digital Marketing Manager Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. No, not “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, but glossophobia (noun): an abnormal fear of public speaking that induces mom’s spaghetti. For decades, numerous polls have confirmed that Americans are just as terrified of public speaking as they are of terrorist attacks, spiders, a…

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The Power of Hashtags on Social Media

By: Blakely Fraasch, Content Creator Intern Remember the #IceBucketChallenge organized by the ALS Association that went viral back in 2014? You know, the one that your brother, mom, and grandma all participated in and donated to? The average donation was $47, over $115 million was raised in just 6 weeks, and the ALS Association used…

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3 Ways Google Analytics Can Improve your Website

By: Blakely Fraasch, Content Curator Intern Successful entrepreneurs understand their target market and use that knowledge to their advantage. Using products like Google Analytics helps entrepreneurs to understand the behaviors of their target audience, and to decide what future content and products will interest them. A free data metric tracking site, Google Analytics is vital…

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How to Integrate Storytelling into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By: Bianca Buliga, Content Curator We are all bound by the human experience. We have all felt a vast array of emotions, ranging from heartbreak and disappointment to joy and triumph. Humankind has been communicating through storytelling for upwards of 20,000 years when our TVs were just cave walls! We are inherently attracted to stories…

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Guest Blog Post: Light Switch in this Big Dark Room

By SEED SPOT Mentor Mike Toney of Conquest Training Systems Sales: Is there a Light Switch in this Big, Dark Room? Imagine you are in a huge, windowless warehouse that is completely dark. You are told, “There is a light switch in here somewhere. Go find it!” 

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