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SEED SPOT Testimonials

We were able to reap valuable rewards from the Impact Accelerator, especially the network of experts and help we received with our financial management. Other benefits included legal consultation, and getting valuable feedback on our products offerings from both investors and technical experts.

Hamza Mighri

Hamza Mighri
Research Analyst, Just Results

I really developed a confidence in my business and now know that my idea is valid. The Impact Accelerator provided awesome mentors and tools... so many that I need to go back and delve deeper into them! We were able to pivot and earn more revenue this month during a pandemic than we did the same month last year when everything was "normal."

Tara Love Glasses Revolution

Tara Ijai
Founder, Love Glasses Revolution

Free courses

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KPI’s that Entrepreneurs Track (and You Should Too)

Cap Table Essentials for Entrepreneurs, featuring Carta

FIND: New Revenue Drivers within Reach

Want to pivot quickly in a changing market? In this workshop, uncover new revenue opportunities by leveraging the assets and expertise that you already have in new ways. Receive a…

TARGET: How and What to Charge

Ready to expand your business’s potential revenue streams? This workshop will talk you through five strategic sources of funding that you can consider for your business, present an easy business…

SELL: Get Customers and Close Sales

Let’s talk about sales! In this workshop, you’ll outline your sales funnel and the full customer journey your customer takes from awareness to a purchase decision. You’ll receive tactical suggestions…

Mentorship Playbook: Finding a Startup Mentor and Making the Most of Your Relationship

You know mentors are critical for your venture’s success, but are you confident about how to maximize this special relationship? Find out!

The Ancient Formula to Paid Ad Campaigns that Don’t Break the Bank

Innovation in Education- a People Centric Journey to a New Blended Learning Experience

Learn about what technologies are in use worldwide that are helping teachers and students stay safe and still maintain an interactive, collaborative learning environment.

A High Level Overview of IP Licensing

How to use licensing for your own startup and the basics of how intellectual property laws operate in the United States.