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Having a deep understanding of who your customer is and what makes them tick is an essential step in product development and sales.

Entrepreneurs think about their customers in four different categories, and spend time thinking like their customers and talking to them to craft the best solution possible.

In this 30 minute course, you'll complete three short workshops to:

  1. Outline your four customer types so you can segment your messaging, product features, and sales efforts
  2. Think like your customer so you know exactly which benefits will grab their attention (and which pitfalls to avoid)
  3. Talk to your customer so you can leverage their unique insights to build and sell the perfect solution for them!

Getting Started

This course contains an interactive, downloadable PDF workbook:
How to Define & Understand Your Customer Worksheet

You may complete this workbook in your browser window (just don't forget to save!) or download it to your computer.

The text in the blue boxes is editable and you should add your own thoughts or ideas about your solution in these areas as the workshop videos progress.

LESSON 1: Outine your four customer types

EM Customer Worksheet Pg 1

Lesson 1 Workshop:

Update your worksheet by clicking in the blue areas and typing in the customers (roles and/or orgs) who meet each of the four customer type descriptions: User, Buyer, Beneficiary, and Influencer.


EM Customer Worksheet 2

Lesson 2 Workshop:

Update your worksheet by clicking in the blue areas and typing in your "buyer" customer's wants, needs, and fears.

Aim to add 5-10 ideas to each of the three sections, and feel free to make educated guesses if you're not quite sure!


EM Customer Worksheet 3

Lesson 3 Workshop:

Update your worksheet by clicking in the blue areas and typing in five people who you can interview to learn more about your customers' wants, needs, and fears.

Achieving this level of insight will equip you to design and sell them exactly what they want!


Spending time defining and understanding your customers has a direct impact on your ability to create valuable, useable products and services that solve a real problem for your customers.

Try to incorporate these new learnings into your work by:

  • Crafting unique messaging for each customer type that highlights the benefits and features that each group cares about most
  • Anticipating hesitations that your customers may have and building in "safeguards" that make them feel more comfortable
  • Involving your customer more deeply in your product development process by inviting them in earlier with customer interviews
  • Prioritizing your list of product roapmap builds/updates based on the aspects of the solution that are most important to your buyer

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