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Programs in Phoenix, AZ

Start a venture that impacts your community


Our programs are designed to support impact-driven entrepreneurs with the right access to resources, mentors, training, community partners, capital sources, and local resources.

Entrepreneur above venture
  • We are committed to providing programs that create a safe place for entrepreneurs
  • Every program has curriculum based on our proprietary, SEED SPOT Impact Canvas
  • We expose you to local experts, peer-to-peer learning, and staff support
  • Work closely and collaborate with designated mentors
  • On-going support after programs with access to resources and opportunities

5-Day Boot Camp

Multiple times a year, SEED SPOT Phoenix runs 5-Day Boot Camps to help entrepreneurs launch their dreams. Entrepreneurs are guided through a business model generation curriculum, surrounded by experts, and mentored by community leaders for 5-Days. To provide a safe and supportive environment for entrepreneurs, several of the Boot Camps are designed for specific demographics.

boot camp classroom with classroom setup for social entrepreneurs and impact driven founders


Boot Camps are perfect for entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to bring it to life. Each Boot Camp includes:

  • 40 Hours of training
  • Building business models
  • Legal 101
  • Finance 101
  • Marketing 101
  • How to build networks
  • Developing a pitch
  • Networking Luncheons
  • Mentorship from Rockstars
  • Access to Investors
  • Access to $10,000, 0% Loan


There was an abundance of advice, resources and support to meet each "boot campers" needs and although we were all at different stages in our businesses, SEED SPOT met each of us where we were. This program is a must for any entrepreneur in the valley!

Sarah Sanchez, Beneficial Beans, SVP Boot Camp March 2016

Multiple times a year, SEED SPOT Phoenix works with entrepreneurs for the 12-week Evening Program. During the program, entrepreneurs gain access to our curriculum, receive support to work through the building blocks of their venture, gain access to mentors, and leave with a pitch.

boot camp classroom with classroom setup for social entrepreneurs and impact driven founders

Launch Stage

The SEED SPOT Evening Program is a great fit for entrepreneurs that have just started their journey in starting company or are thinking about starting a company.

  • 12 weeks of training
  • One night per week 5:30-7:30PM
  • Hone your business model
  • Understand customers
  • Value proposition
  • Branding
  • Legal
  • Build cost structures and revenue model
  • Gain traction
  • Mentor night
  • Peer pitch practice
  • Access to $10,000, 0% Loan

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Speak with our Phoenix Director of Entrepreneur Initiatives

Every Fall, SEED SPOT Phoenix works with a set of highly motivated social entrepreneurs for the 14-week Full-time Program. During the program, entrepreneurs are surrounded by experts, mentors, office space, and access to financing opportunities, to take their businesses to the next level. The Full-time Program culminates with each Full-time venture presenting at Demo Day, the largest entrepreneurial event in Arizona.

Learn About The Culminating Moment of SEED SPOT’s Full-time Program - DEMO DAY!


The SEED SPOT Full-time program is perfect for the entrepreneur that has started their business and want to take it to the next level.

  • 14 weeks of training
  • 30 hours per week
  • Deep dive on business model
  • Branding, legal, operations
  • In-depth weekly coaching
  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Leadership development
  • Financing opportunities
  • Capital raising
  • Media exposure
  • Access to $10,000, 0% Loan
  • Accredited investor event
  • DEMO DAY - Big Audience!

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I have a lot of scars and have experienced many things, my tattoos have an earned meaning behind them. The two most influential events in my life have been, when I had my first child, and when I walked in the doors to SEED SPOT.

Israel Medellin, Lucy’s Garage, Full-time Program Fall 2015