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Explore: Social Impact Club

What is Explore?

Did you know that 72% of young people want to start a business, yet 62% are never offered a course in entrepreneurship?

SEED SPOT partners with innovative schools from across the nation to equip students with the public speaking, leadership, and teamwork skills that will propel them towards success academically and professionally.

We do this by deploying our proprietary curriculum, providing teacher trainings before each school year, and ensuring on-call staff support and assistance all year round.

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The mentors I had during my time with SEED SPOT gave me constructive, honest advice and wanted to see me succeed."

Anish Patel, SEED SPOT Schools Participant and Co-founder of Eyes Up 

Curriculum Highlights

By participating in EXPLORE, students are taught:

  • Guided problem-solving with their peers
  • Accountability and engagement with ongoing social issues
  • To see entrepreneurship as a viable career option
  • Real world experience alongside local entrepreneurs
  • Collaboration and communication skills in a teamwork setting
  • To identify and act as a change agent at school and in their community
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The most successful leaders are the ones willing to take a chance and face the possibility of failure to learn."

Josh Kaplan, SEED SPOT Schools Participant and Co-founder of BrailleBoard 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tap into Underutilized Student Creativity

We're committed to investing in the next generation of social entrepreneurs, ranging from middle to high school students. In 2016 alone, NEXT worked with 1,600 students attending 20 schools in three different states and we have BIG dreams for the future.

Call your high school, walk down the street to your student's school, or reach out to a teacher or school principal you know. Let's equip our students with the critical thinking, initiative, and strategic information analysis to solve society's most pressing problems.