Start or grow a business for good.


Launching an Impact-Driven Business

Are schools graduating the doers, makers, and cutting-edge thinkers that the world needs?

Many education thought leaders believe the key to preparing students for the future workplace is cultivating their entrepreneurial mindset – an approach that values “initiative, intelligent risk-taking, collaboration, and opportunity recognition”.

 Rather than simply identifying problems and examining the root causes, Scale is a second-year entrepreneurship course that launches the students' ventures in a scalable and impactful way. Students are empowered to implement their solutions real-time to make their communities a better place.


"Before SEED SPOT, I never would have seen myself as an entrepreneur. In fact, I didn’t even really know what an entrepreneur was. But I understand now that entrepreneurs are just regular people, like me, who actively seek out solutions to the problems in their communities.”

Josh Kaplan, Co-Founder of BrailleBoard

Curriculum Focus Areas

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Rapidly prototyping solutions

Iterating on customer feedback

Launching a go-to-market strategy

Defining scalable business model

Building out a team and advisors

Designing a pitch deck to raise capital

Learn about the benefits of teaching high school students entrepreneurship

How It Works

The SEED SPOT Schools program provides the opportunity for schools to leverage the award-winning curriculum of SEED SPOT, a globally-ranked social impact incubator, to train the next generation of innovators. Bring SEED SPOT to your school to maximize the potential of students on YOUR campus.



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Teachers will be trained on best practices for teaching social entrepreneurship


SEED SPOT curriculum is deployed to cultivate student innovation!

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"SEED SPOT’s curriculum taught me how to communicate with people in a professional manner and how much work it actually takes to create a business. It also made me realize all the problems in society and how much we can do to help fix those issues. It definitely helped me feel more ready for college and a future career."

Tylor Tang, Co-Founder of Mobile Rain

Frequently Asked Questions

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"I really liked being treated like an adult. There was just so much pride and happiness associated with SEED SPOT because I was taken seriously and not coddled. It definitely makes me feel more confident in my professional abilities.”

Hanna Chen, Founder of Intonation Pianos

Watch SEED SPOT Alumni Pitch

Kindness Kits

Kindness Kits is building out care packages containing feminine hygiene products to restore the health and dignity of homeless women living in shelters. Here's their pitch from our 2017 High School Demo Day!


GED-EZ is making education and employment opportunities easy for low-income or unemployed parents and adults without a GED. Here's their pitch from our 2017 High School Demo Day!

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"Social entrepreneurship is about taking a problem in your community and dedicating yourself to that solution because the passion you have for it fills you up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Remember why you started.”

Caroline Fabricius Ahlgreen, Co-Founder of BrailleBoard