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Vid Mićević

Entrepreneur Support Manager

There is no better education in the world than the world itself. Go out there, and question everything.

Vid is a social entrepreneur, design novice, and unapologetic lover of self help books. He wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for the brave and bold decision his parents made to flee the Bosnian Civil War, ultimately leading him to be born in South Africa. His name “Vid” means “vision” in his native Serbo-Croatian tongue. Ironically, though, Vid has terrible eyesight.

However, Vid does have a different sort of vision – a vision for a more sustainable and just world. Vid is a graduate of Arizona State University’s Barrett Honor college where he received his undergraduate degree in Sustainable Engineering.  While a student, he co-founded 33 Buckets, a nonprofit aiming to solve the global water crisis through local franchise development.

During his undergraduate career, Vid received three national scholarships including Fulbright which brought him to Northern Thailand for a year after graduation. While in Thailand, he worked for DSIL developing their “Open Curriculum” focused on merging Social Innovation with International Development through co-creative design thinking methodologies. Other organizations Vid has worked for include Ashoka, UNDP, and Emzingo.

Outside of trying to satisfy his insatiable desire to learn (ie. watching TEDtalks, listening to podcasts, taking online courses, reading books, etc.), you can find Vid behind his camera, capturing moments and sharing stories.

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