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Brandon Alkire

SEED SPOT Communities Program Associate - Public Allies Americorps Apprentice

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Born and raised in the Sonoran desert where I have always had a thirst for competition.  At a young age I spent countless hours studying and playing the beautiful game of chess.  I competed at the highest levels, enjoying every moment, while unbeknownst to me training my mind to be a critical thinker, problem solver, and strategist.  I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson.  Here I was drawn to the academic study of philosophy because I wanted to see the world like a game of chess.  I asked my self what's the best possible move I can make next in life.  If we truly chase this question down the rabbit hole we end up asking what does it all mean?  Is there a cosmic purpose?  How do we know what is true?  Do I have any significance in the first place?  My mind wanted these questions answered before it could explore any passions like engineering or politics.  Thus I was naturally drawn to studying people like Plato.  Afterwards I discovered an Americrops program called Public Allies that specialized in teaching leadership, which to me meant philosophy.  The apprenticeship wasn't about any specific skill, but rather how to better engage ourselves and our positions in the world.  To question our beliefs, to understand why we have certain values, and create confidence to know why we do what we do.  The Public Allies program also thrusted me into a field I had no experience or knowledge of, mental health.  I worked as a Community Healthcare Navigator, motivating clients with severe mental illness to care about their physical health needs, from running wellness groups to helping them find insurance.  I have come to SEED SPOT to do a 2nd apprenticeship far more equipped than I was the first time around.  I think my eye for seeing the larger picture and understanding value at its deepest level will allow me to offer a unique voice to their community organizers and thus their socially impact driven entrepreneurs.

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