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S. Lovey Parker

DC Impact Accelerator Program Associate

"Better Together"

SLovey knows first-hand the challenges of building collaborative capacity as an emerging entrepreneur. For the past 16+ years, she’sworked with corporations and growing business owners to increase capacity for value-enhancing partnerships.

SLovey received a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management with Hospitality Concentration from DeVry University, Arlington, VA campus. While living in New York, she’s professionally had the pleasure of coordinating corporate event programming for clients such as Bank of America, CitiGroup, Black Enterprise & O Magazine.

She's taken her keen talent for designing high-end events, with her divine passion for the entrepreneurial spirit & channeled them into creating experiential programing. Since shifting from corporate lifestyle in 2014, she's pioneered event programs for the greater Washington, DC region’s entrepreneurs.

SLovey's received recognition for her efforts by being awarded I/O Spaces' inaugural "I/O Creators" grant, and BEACON DC's first "Top Spark" award. She currently serves as an ambassador for Hera Hub DC coworking space & has been recently inducted into StartingBloc’sLA '19 Institute. She continues her work with the Washington DC region’s entrepreneurial community by designing impact-driven programs with independent cowork spaces.

On Wednesday evenings, you can find her hosting “Coffeehouse Cowork,” a virtual peer-to-peer forum for growing business owners. She understands pipeline challenges founders experience with sharing resources in an authentic space. With Coffeehouse Cowork, growing business owners have a trusted weekly platform to share, and receive fresh perspectives on business development projects, community impact initiatives & partnership programs.

SLovey believes in facilitating collaboration amongst diverse entrepreneurial communities. Through 2021, she plans to travel to Africa, the Middle East, & South America exploring collaborative and familial-centric economies. Her goal is to discover how global cultures sustain partnership-based ecosystems, and widely integrate these solutions into popular entrepreneurial development.

SLovey loves hosting intimate social dinners with pioneering peers, friends & family. SLovey lives in Prince George's County, Maryland, with her social & entrepreneurial influence generating throughout the greater Washington, DC region.

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