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John Johnson

Community Development Managerr

An idea is a statement, that turns into knowledge, and then becomes a belief, which ultimately transforms into your purpose.

John B Johnson is passionate about creating environments that allows innovation and human connectivity to thrive. It is because of this innate passion, John has taken the role of Phoenix Operations Manager and spends his days meticulously crafting the environment our entrepreneurs experience every day. He understands our entrepreneurial experience in a way no one else does because he was one! John is the first SEED SPOT Employee who has also went through our programming. We could not have found anyone better to continue to build the SEED SPOT community in Phoenix.

Prior to SEED SPOT, John spent two years gaining experience as an entrepreneur by launching multiple mobile platforms and consulting with many organizations. John spent his first two years in Arizona, working for the architecture firm Architekton in Tempe. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio he received a Masters of Architecture and MBA from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

You can change the world. We can help.