Start or grow a business for good.

SEED SPOT Mentor Program

SEED SPOT mentors share their experience and insights to inspire, guide, and witness the extraordinary unfold.

Turn your professional experience into a powerful tool by joining the SEED SPOT Mentor Network; foster confidence, develop leadership skills, and add perspective to budding businesses! Mentors like you provide promising new businesses with the connections to networks, funding, and informed decision-making than they couldn't have achieved on their own.

As a volunteer mentor with SEED SPOT, you'll help break down entrepreneurial barriers, promote diversity and inclusion, and provide essential market knowledge to today's innovators... just by being YOU!

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Build Your Network

Form genuine connections with likeminded, experienced leaders who share your values

Make an Impact

Help address a social cause you care about alongside impactful entrepreneurs

See the Future

Surround yourself with energetic creatives and visionary thinkers who are building new solutions

Learn New Skills

Mentoring is a two-way street: you'll learn from your mentees as you share your experiences

Invest in Others

Witness the growth of your mentees and know you've played an important role in their success

Have a Blast!

Our network says their favorite thing about mentoring is the FUN they have along the way!

Mentor Criteria


Most of our mentors have 10+ years of experience in one of the following:

  • Industry expertise
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Leadership and management
  • Technical expertise
  • Marketing and sales
  • Finance and investment
  • Social impact
  • Innovation and technology
  • Global business
  • HR and team building


SEED SPOT Mentors are volunteers who commit 1-5 hours per month for 12 months. Most mentorship occurs online with occasional in-person opportunities in select cities.

Monthly engagements might include:

  • Pitch coaching events
  • Speed mentoring events
  • 1:1 weekly mentorship with one mentee over 6-8 weeks
  • Ad hoc 1:1 meetings to address specific entrepreneur questions


SEED SPOT welcomes entrepreneurs navigating the earliest stages of development into a safe, judgement-free environment of support.

Mentors fiercely share our belief that entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone with a dream—regardless of identity, experience, or background—and strive to meet each mentee where they're at with the help they need.


Our mentors are relentlessly optimistic that there's a path through every problem. They have a knack for innovative problem-solving and don't shy away from big challenges.

SEED SPOT Mentors ask great questions, challenge assumptions, celebrate new learnings, and give really great high-fives. Their mentees know how much they believe in them!

Meet the Network

When you join the SEED SPOT Mentor Network, you become a member of an exceptional community of generous, likeminded business leaders who share your values of impact and entrepreneurship. Welcome to a diverse network that prioritizes collaborative learning, networking, and personal and professional growth. Meet a few fellow mentors below!


Jomy Methipara

Patent Attorney
Dickinson Wright

Kim Ho

Director of Sales

Ayana Christie

GTM Incubation Strategy & Planning
Google Cloud

John Canter

Principal, Managing CFO
AVL Growth Partners

Keith Washington

Founder and Principal
Largon Capital

Upcoming Mentorship Opportunities

pitch coaching (virtual)

Provide feedback to entrepreneurs on an early draft of their elevator pitches, including business advice, storytelling support, and suggested next steps. This "round robin" event provides mentors with a chance to coach ventures in successive one-to-one or small group virtual breakout rooms.

Monday, May 13th, 2024

  • 1:15 - 2:30 pm ET
  • Online on Zoom

8-week mentor engagement: Impact Accelerator (virtual)

Journey through the 8-week Impact Accelerator alongside one participating venture as they take new steps in their business and navigate early-stage market challenges such as product development, closing sales, setting financial projections, and more.

Mentor-mentee pairings are assigned by SEED SPOT according to entrepreneur needs and mentor experience. Pairs meet independently for 30 minutes a week for 8 weeks.

Weekly from June 3 to July 26, 2024

  • 30 minutes per week over 8 weeks
  • Flexible scheduling set by mentor/mentee
  • Online on Zoom (or based on mentor/mentee preference)


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