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Retail Brand Accelerator

The Retail Brand Accelerator

Made possible by funding from Walmart through the Center for Racial Equity
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Priority Consideration Deadline:
May 26, 2024

Final Application Deadline:
June 23, 2024

Program Dates:
July 8 to September 13, 2024

Fully-funded 10-week accelerator for maturing, diverse-founded retail brands


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The Retail Brand Accelerator, made possible by funding from Walmart through the Center for Racial Equity, provides tailored education, mentorship, and resources that prepare diverse founders to breakthrough and succeed in mass retail. Ultimately, we aim to leverage the power of business ownership to build a more inclusive and equitable economy. 

This intensive virtual 10-week accelerator is designed for maturing consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands looking to scale into mass retail. Participants will refine their sales presentations and processes, increase their inventory and supply chain capacities, build a stand-out brand identity, and be guided through retailer compliance requirements. The program includes a series of virtual workshops and 1:1 tailored mentoring aligned to the supplier criteria required by major retailers.

Key Program Outcomes


Meet retail buyers and distributors

  • Build key distribution partnerships with mass retailers that generate new purchase orders and retail placement
  • Hone sales presentations, collateral, and sampling to break into new markets


Learn the inner workings of mass retail sales and supply

  • Level up your business skills to meet your industry & product expertise

  • Refine your business model and financials to anticipate cash and inventory needs

  • Prepare to shine at buyer meetings and tradeshows with expert coaching

Capacity Gains

Scale fulfillment capabilities and efficiencies

  • Structure your growth and scale goals into an achievable strategic plan

  • Complete the Supplier Readiness Checklist that major retailers use for new suppliers


Obtain the business certifications that retailers care about

  • Actively pursue and obtain one or more relevant national small business certifications recognized by major retailers

  • Receive placement on the retail product discovery platforms that buyers use

Alumni Outcomes

SEED SPOT alumni ventures have achieved extraordinary success over the past 10 years!


Revenue Generated


Funding Raised


Jobs Created


Underrepresented Founder

“As a young Black entrepreneur, I knew that creating my own business was my calling, from selling candy in elementary school to owning my first business selling vintage clothing in college.

While visiting my home town of Accra, Ghana, I witnessed an epidemic —the bleaching of Black skin—and I just knew I had to do something. I founded CocoaShea to showcase Black women who love their skin, celebrate imperfections, and heal us from the inside out.” 

 - Charlene Osei, Founder and CEO of CocoaShea

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Program Snapshot

Weekly Agenda

  • Group training sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays 12:30-2:00 pm ET
  • Pitch coaching with mentors and investors
  • Tailored mentorship on your business
  • Office hours with industry experts
  • Independent assignments for business growth
  • Work 1:1 with dedicated mentors who believe in your mission


  • Brand Strategy & Positioning: 360-degree planning that provides tools, support, and resources needed to support growth into mass retail.
  • Mass Retail Selling Environment: Training from cross-functional retail experts (established brands, retail buyers, and distributors) on what is required to successfully launch, grow and thrive in a national, omni-channel retail environment.
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Logistics: Deep dive into production, packaging, and the supply chain management capabilities needed for mass retail.
  • Building Team: Strategies for building teams and advocates that support scale.
  • Budgeting, Costs of Goods, and Funding Projections: A critical module on financial planning, developing an expense roadmap, and raising capital.
  • Sales Presentations: Opportunities to pitch directly to potential buyers, distributors, partners, and investors.

Who is this Program For?

Maturing Brands Ready for Retail

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Underrepresented Founders

  • Maturing brands include businesses that have achieved growth milestones that may include, but are not limited to: demonstrated recurring monthly sales, multiple team members or hired staff, a consistent brand identity, shelf-ready packaging, relevant industry approvals secured or in process, multi-SKU product line/assortment, active sales channels (online or otherwise).

  • We recognize underrepresentation as the lack of proportional inclusion across various identities, encompassing but not limited to: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color); individuals who identify as women, transgender, and non-binary; those with diverse abilities; individuals from low- or moderate-income backgrounds; military veterans, active-duty personnel, and military spouses; members of the LGBTQIA+ community; immigrants or first-generation citizens; and individuals residing in rural communities.

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