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2828 N. Phoenix puts Midtown Phoenix on the Entrepreneurial Map

Mod recently received recognition from the AZ Republic for being a really cool co-working space, and we wanted to hop on that bandwagon of praise because SEED SPOT loves Mod. We’re proud to be a part of an incredible building that makes midtown Phoenix a hub for entrepreneurs.

Six floors separate Mod from our office and we feel incredibly lucky to share a space with them. Not only does Mod offer a beautiful, open space for businessmen and women to work, but it is also home to a killer coffee shop and lunch hub.

I asked some friends around SEED SPOT what they love to get from Mod, which wasn’t the best idea because they left me with some serious cravings. Be prepared to let your mouth water.

Director of the SEED SPOT NEXT program, Gretchen loves Mod’s cold-brew and honey lavender latte with almond milk. I didn’t know the latter was a thing but I’m very intrigued.

Operations Manager, Corinn loves Mod’s avocado breakfast burritos and green juices! Corinn is known as the burrito master, so her recommendation should be taken very seriously.

Parking attendant and SEED SPOT Dream Facilitator, Oscar says his favorite thing from Mod is the black cherry soda. He said, “ [the soda] is worth being hired out as a hit man for.” That’s intense… and once again, I’m very intrigued.

SEED SPOT program alumna and CEO of WellnessLifestyle, Sara Henry admits that her guilty pleasure is Mod’s chocolate chip cookie. Sara is the kind of lady who eats raw zucchini on the reg, so the fact that she’ll indulge in this dessert means its pretty spectacular.

Besides having delicious food and a beautiful space, Mod has a really friendly, welcoming vibe. The next time you’re in the midtown area, check out this amazing place.

Until next time!

– Intern Sierra

Lauren McDanell

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