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SEED SPOT Alumni Resources

SEED SPOT Community Slack

A peer-to-peer support network reserved for entrepreneurs nationwide who have completed a SEED SPOT program. The SEED SPOT Slack Community is a space where ventures can trade helpful tips, share resources, celebrate wins, and work through the hurdles they experience on a daily basis. Learn more here.

  • Stay in touch with your fellow cohort members through your own cohort channel
  • Gain access to a broader network of SEED SPOT alumni and peer-to-peer support
  • Exclusive, early-bird access to resources, events, and guides.
  • A direct and immediate line of communication to members of the SEED SPOT Team - we’re always on Slack! 


SEED SPOT has a National Mentor Network that work with alumni individually to work on particular goals on their venture.

You would be a great fit for the mentor program if you are able to prove:

  • Market validation through customer interviews
  • Unwavering dedication to your venture
  • Demonstrated need for an expertise area
  • Ability to lead conversations with a clear direction of the future of your venture

Next Steps

  1. Complete the Mentor Program Registration Form
  2. Complete any additional questions from the SEED SPOT team
  3. Hop on a call with a SEED SPOT team member to better understand your needs
  4. If eligible, get paired with a mentor to keep you moving forward

Impact Focused Venture Capital Database

Peter Costa (SEED SPOT alum) created a list of over 284 Venture Capital groups that focus on impact. Feel free to check out the database to see if any groups that would fit your funding needs.



If you want to continue learning about different aspects of your business from digital marketing hacks to forming a cap table, SEED SPOT has you covered.

Webinar - Adam

Check out our recorded webinar library to delve deeper on the following topics:

  • Branding
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Bottlenecks
  • Pitching

Additional Programming

SEED SPOT runs one webinar per month if you need additional education resources. Furthermore, SEED SPOT offers two flagship programs.

  1. 2-Day Launch Camp
  2. Impact Accelerator

If you're looking to join SEED SPOT in our upcoming programs than be sure to check out the SEED SPOT Programs page to schedule any programming into your calendar.