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Certified B Corp: Musings with Vita Global and SEED SPOT

By Sierra LaDuke

logo_0_0On January first of this year, Arizona became one of the 27 states to recognize Benefit Corporations: a legal entity that applies to businesses operating with a social conscience.  SEED SPOT is very much in support of this law-so much so that we were featured as “B Corp Advocates” in a recent blog post on Vita Global’s website!

“Courtney [Klein] is an awe inspiring change agent,” said Vita Global co-founder, Portland Reed. Portland explained that talking to our CEO, along with other social entrepreneurs, inspired herself and co-founder Colleen Dyble, to register their venture as a certified B Corp.

Vita Global is an advisory company that aims to alleviate poverty through global partnerships. They do this by assisting entrepreneurs who have taken an, “oath to use business for good, to positively impact the world around them socially, environmentally and economically.”

The founders expressed their excitement over their new identification as a Benefit Corporation. “We can now integrate our values and way of being with how we do business,” Portland said.

B Corps model the idea that for-profit companies don’t have to be all about making money. Portland sums it up nicely when she says, “We not only want to be the best IN the world; we want to be the best FOR the world!”

“Through incorporating as a Benefit Corporation, for-profit entrepreneurs put a flag in the ground that says ‘we are here to do good and be sustainable,’ said SEED SPOT Director of Development, Tabitha Branscome, adding, “In addition, becoming a Benefit Corporation protects the entrepreneur from outside investors that might want only a return, but no impact.”

Colleen explained that becoming a B Corp “fanned the flames behind the WHY of Vita Global” and gave her greater clarity and focus on how she wants to make a global impact.

SEED SPOT shares Vita Global’s mission to encourage innovation and cultivate social entrepreneurship.

Thank you Vita Global for including SEED SPOT in your celebration as a newly registered B Corp and congratulations.

Check out the full blog post, “B Corp Advocates Take Action” here.

Lauren McDanell

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