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#EntrepreneursUNite – Learn what the UN is doing to support Entrepreneurs and the jobs they create


By Sierra LaDuke

Next month, representatives from around the world will gather for a United Nations meeting to discuss priorities in building a more stable global economy. Donna Harris is the Co-CEO of “1776,” an online platform for discussing world problems and potential solutions. Harris has an idea as to what should be at the forefront of conversation during this meeting: entrepreneurship. Learn more about how this global movement could potentially foster innovation and lead to a more economically sustainable world by reading this article.

SEED SPOT is dedicated to the concept of an entrepreneurial-based economy that not only extends past the Phoenix metropolitan area, but far past the United States border. We believe that entrepreneurship is the future of a better world. This is why we have chosen to join the #entrepreneursUNite movement and encourage you to do the same. Contribute your voice by signing this petition and be sure to spread the word amongst your friends!

Lauren McDanell

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