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Evening Program Pitch Night

Photographs and Story by Sierra LaDuke

Last Monday, the 8-5 workday ended, and pitch night began. The SEED SPOT classroom was bursting with amazing ideas, a huge support system, and in my humble opinion, delicious snacks.

SEED SPOT’s evening program meets one night a week for 12 weeks and focuses on ideation stage ventures. The program culminates in an evening where the ventures get to pitch to their peers, receive feedback and enjoy each other’s dreams.
Pitch night was just like Venture Friday in that it was safe place to share ideas, ask questions and further develop business models. Each venture had just three minutes to explain a social problem, propose a solution, and show enough passion to convince everyone in the room to be on board.

This fall’s evening program ventures were incredibly diverse. Some chose to work toward embedding art in education and the community, while others have developed platforms with the mission to end racial prejudice and empower women. Some entrepreneurs found potential solutions to the high unemployment rate among individuals with autism; another venture tackled the same issue among people with mental disorders.

Does this pitch night sound like something you want to be part of? You sure can be if you reserve a ticket for Demo Day on December 10th. Ventures from the 6th cohort of the SEED SPOT full-time program will take the Orpheum stage at 5 p.m. We hope to see you there!

Lauren McDanell

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