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Growing Our Impact – Why SEED SPOT Needs to Reach More Social Entrepreneurs

By C’pher Gresham, SEED SPOT National Director of Expansion


When thinking about ways to solve problems ranging from lack of nutritious meals in low income neighborhoods to the proliferation of bullying, we at SEED SPOT know that entrepreneurs and their ideas are the solution.

At SEED SPOT, we believe that every social entrepreneur, from rookie to serial, should have the support to create, build and scale a venture that solves a local or global problem. We also believe that entrepreneurship is inherently a local movement facilitated by a supportive community surrounding the entrepreneur with encouragement, critical questions, honest feedback, the necessary funding, and the means to make an impact.


Over the last four years, SEED SPOT has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in Arizona that have received support from a strong community and a series of programs. Our work has helped entrepreneurs discover themselves, understand their customers, and ultimately find solutions to problems in the world.


Communities across the US and globally have both talented and aspiring entrepreneurs that are seeking to create powerful solutions to problems their neighborhood, their city, their country, and our world face. Yes many of these communities filled with entrepreneurs do not have the network of supporters, mentors, or an education in starting social enterprises to quickly and efficiently start a venture.


Where does SEED SPOT come in? Initially, we are looking for communities like the one I described, in the USA that present a need to support entrepreneurs and a set of leaders in the community to help build a SEED SPOT. When we expand to new communities, we will be helping more entrepreneurs solve more problems for people. Using our SEED SPOT Impact Canvas, a proprietary social enterprise guide and curriculum, mentorship program, and network of content experts, we empower entrepreneurs to grow their idea and create sustainable businesses, while not taking equity. With more problems being solved for people of every race, gender, and background we ultimately will be creating a better future for generations to come.


With the support of entrepreneurs, governments, corporations, foundations, and business leaders across the world, we hope to help entrepreneurs receive the support they deserve, in cities ranging from Washington, DC to Ulaanbaatar. Join us and let’s empower social entrepreneurs to create change.

Lauren McDanell

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