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GUEST BLOGGER – Michael Seaver on SEED SPOT Twitter Chat and More!


Awakening My Dreams                             

By Michael Seaver

I exist to unlock human potential through the development of personal and professional well being.

That’s my life’s mission. My personal intent. My “why I do what I do” each day. My never-changing purpose.

So… what’s your mission?

On Thursday, October 1st, 2015, SEED SPOT held its first ever Twitter Chat. Countless entrepreneurs and SEED SPOT (@seedspot) stakeholders shared their stories and mission using the hashtag #awakenyourdreams. I encourage you to check out their Twitter page to see how SEED SPOT educates, accelerates, and invests in entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to social problems. To date, they’ve touched 650,000 lives, incubated 164 ventures, that have raised $4.1M in capital, and the ventures employ 345 people.
The 5-member team at SEED SPOT is supported by a community of more than 200 mentors. They find entrepreneurs with purpose and an idea (that’s the #seed). They connect them to a like-minded community (that’s the #spot). They show them how to launch and grow a business, and then help them do it (that’s the #incubator).

Contrary to what you hear via the mainstream media, there actually are awesome things happening in Arizona.

Side note: I encourage you to do what I did in 2010… cancel your cable service and donate your TV to a nonprofit. I promise your life will change for the better, forever. #positivepsychology

In late 2008, I was struggling to find my purpose. I separated from my wife. I lost my home. I really disliked my job. Thankfully, I found a coach and mentor that shaped and guided my growth. She was my career coach when I was an MBA student at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She provided me the tools to see my life through a new lens. She taught me the value of building meaningful relationships. She showed me the results yielded when you learn by doing. My dreams were awakened when I connected to a mentor and learned to fear mediocrity more than entrepreneurial failure.

My journey to entrepreneurship has certainly been a roller coaster ride. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the community of people who have made me feel like I am winning… even when my heart feels beat up. Now, through my coaching and consulting business, I spend my days helping entrepreneurs and executives disconnected from their purpose… uncover and live their purpose. I use the triple bottom line to cultivate servant leaders. I give those I serve an equal chance to be unequal. I unlock human potential.

What is the problem you want to solve and love more than your solution?

How can you use business as a force for good?

Where can you drive inclusion and provide a voice to those marginalized by our society?

Who can help you in #awakenyourdreams?

Regardless of your background, SEED SPOT’s ventures are led by people who range in age from 15 – 82, come from all backgrounds, and 1/3 are women. Social entrepreneurs and their ideas are the fastest way to create positive community change and solve real world problems. I encourage you to visit SEED SPOT and discover the ways you can tap into their mentor network, uncover your personal mission, and drive change.

In a 1995 interview with the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, Steve Jobs said, “Everything around you, that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you.

Take a moment to read the quote again.

You do not have to be from a specific family, gifted, brilliant, good looking, or lucky to generate meaningful value for the world, you simply need to choose to build something.

Positive change is inevitable, growth is optional. Choose growth. After all, its more fun to change the world with like-minded friends. Join me in supporting SEED SPOT’s Awaken Your Dreams campaign. Visit for more information.

Lauren McDanell

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