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Meet the DC Impact Accelerator Ventures: Givhero, Inc.

By: Bianca Buliga, Senior Marketing Manager

Vishal Chintawar and Timothy Guinan teamed up to create Givhero, Inc., an innovative social wellness platform that leverages social causes to encourage employee engagement in healthy activities, increasing productivity and reducing costs. With Givhero, employers provide meaningful motivation by sponsoring employees’ health goals and rewarding their achievements, through donations to their favorite charity. Employee wellness, social wellness, and community wellness!

As the Givhero team starts preparing for Virtual Demo Day on Tuesday, April 14th, the SEED SPOT team sat down with Vishal to learn more about this venture’s journey:

What inspired you to start your venture?
I have worked with non-profits for the last 15 years and have seen how causes move people. I thought this intrinsic motivation to help others could get people off the couch and help them reach their health and wellness goals.

What did you hope to gain by applying to SEED SPOT’s Impact Accelerator program?
As a socially-impactful venture, we wanted to connect, learn and grow with other similar entrepreneurs.

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned during the Impact Accelerator?
As a young startup, we have to handle multiple things at the same time and sometimes we lose focus. We need to continuously revisit why we started the company and get back on track and follow our vision.

What does the future hold for your venture?
As we build relationships with channel partners, we hope to reach millions of employees and help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

What is one piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs just beginning their journey?
During your startup journey, it is very easy to undervalue yourself. Do not lose focus. Give yourself due credit. You are trying to build something awesome and that itself deserves a pat on the back.

Good luck to Vishal and Timothy as they gear up to compete at DC Virtual Demo Day on Tuesday, April 14th. To hear them pitch to an online audience for the opportunity to win cash prizes, please RSVP HERE.

Lauren McDanell

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