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Meet the 12 Ventures pitching at Demo Day 2022

Voting is open from May 20th through May 23rd! Visit to participate.

Get ready to get inspired! It’s DEMO DAY!

How does it work? This year, Demo Day is an entirely virtual, asynchronous  event that features the venture pitches of SEED SPOT alumni companies.  Their pitches will go live online on May 19th, followed by a voting period from May 20-23rd. 

Winners of the audience-voted prize, the #GrowTheGood award and the Most Promising Social Innovation prize will be announced on May 24th! 

Demo Day 2022 is generously sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton and Shulman Rogers.

Let’s meet this year’s ventures! 

  • Venture Name: Whipik
  • Founder: Seyi Sofolahan
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator 
  • Mission Statement: To bring the different cultures of the world closer through the power of storytelling.
  • Why Seyi is participating in Demo Day:  “I’m preparing my business for fundraising, and by going through this process, I anticipate receiving feedback that will help strengthen both my pitch and business. Furthermore, a chance to win a portion of the cash prize will breathe new life during the time it takes to fundraise.”

  • Venture Name: Currant
  • Founder: Ashwath Narayanan
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: Invest in people, not platforms.
  • Why Ashwath is participating in Demo Day: “SEED SPOT Demo Day will give us the necessary feedback to continue to scale our business as well as the non-dilutive funding we need to build our product. That’s why we’re applying for this pitch competition.”

  • Venture Name: Essential I.V. Drip LLC
  • Founder: Jo Ann Harris 
  • Program(s): 2-Day Launch Camp
  • Mission Statement: To provide an everlasting experience of revitalization, knowledge, and treatments, designed to satisfy the whole body.
  • Why Jo Ann is participating in Demo Day:  “We will be able to utilize the information and  experience to help shape our marketing. Continuing to enhance our strategic marketing strategies. As new business owners are grateful for the experience. Look forward to running a successful and thriving company.”

  • Venture Name: STIIX
  • Founder: Alex Reader
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator, YLAI
  • Mission Statement: To bring creativity and imagination back into students’ educational experience.
  • Why Alex is participating in Demo Day: “ I am incredibly thankful for the wisdom and connections I have gained through being a SEED SPOT alumni. All the events they put on are first class, and I know that participating in Demo Day will be great exposure for STIIX, great practice for myself as a leader, and great insight learning from the other founders/visionaries that make up the SEED SPOT community.”

  • Venture Name: Easy Clean Water
  • Founder: Raúl González Acuña
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator, 
  • Mission Statement: We make water available in remote communities, using it as an engine for local growth, quality of life, and resilience.
  • Why Raúl is participating in Demo Day: “Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to install one water purification system in every remote community worldwide. This journey starts by spreading our message through massive events such as Demo Day. Also, a professionally-produced pitch video would allow us to reach new customers, investors, shareholders, etc.”

  • Venture Name: Amazi Foods
  • Founder: Renee Dunn
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: To build a more equitable, transparent, and sustainable supply chain by partnering directly with farmers and small businesses at the source.
  • Why Renee is participating in Demo Day: “Amazi has stayed resilient through COVID, and has continued to grow through an incredibly nimble, capital efficient approach. We are at a point where we now need to raise capital to scale, and having just made it to the finals at the Natural Products Expo West Pitch Slam, I am confident that pitch opportunities and demo days may be a great path for us to get the word out there, and practice sharing our story. We could benefit from the exposure to potential investors and network members, as well as from the capital prizes.”

  • Venture Name: Eco-Stylist
  • Founder: Garik Himebaugh
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: To make ethical and sustainable fashion the norm.
  • Why Garik is participating in Demo Day: “The chance to tell our story is always valuable for sharing our mission with a new audience, receiving feedback, and practicing our pitch. We are highly motivated to win the grant money as well, and are actively applying for grant opportunities because the money will help us get Eco-Stylist to the next stage. If we win the $15,000, or another cash price, we will use the money primarily on talent (people) in order to help us reach our growth goals.”

  • Venture Name: AsisVisa Immigration
  • Founder: Sergio Suarez 
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: To give more opportunities to the Latino Community.
  • Why Sergio is participating in Demo Day: “By participating in this event, we would have the opportunity of getting our word out and show what we are doing for the Latino community. Additionally, it will give us a boost in our growth progress.”

  • Venture Name: Thimble
  • Founder: Oscar Pedroso
  • Program(s): Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: To make electronics and coding education more accessible, inspiring, and fun for underserved children.
  • Why Oscar is participating in Demo Day:  “We’re seeking exposure, connections to school districts, and funding (since we’re raising at the moment).”

  • Venture Name: Dolphin University
  • Founder: Calvin Thomas II
  • Program(s): 2-Day Launch Camp, Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: To conquer the fear of water and promote drowning prevention to every child, every family, and in every neighborhood.
  • Why Calvin is participating in Demo Day: “Becoming able to pitch our venture during the upcoming Demo Day will not only allow me to get more exposure for our venture, but also to teach more people about the social problem of childhood drowning. We would also benefit if we won, from mentorship and funding in our venture as we enter our 2nd year of business.”

  • Venture Name: KnoNap
  • Founder: Danya Sherman
  • Program(s): Other Program with a SEED SPOT Partner
  • Mission Statement: To empower, educate, and advocate against drug facilitated sexual assault and crime.
  • Why Danya is participating in Demo Day:  “Since [our] pivot, we completed a redesign of our product offering, packaging, brand, website, and social media. Following consumer research from the beginning of our product pivot, we identified consumers maintained a strong preference for discreet packaging. To that end, Knope’s product and packaging is designed around the aesthetic of a traditional stick and package of gum. I have been excited to pitch Knope and showcase our new, completed empowerment tool against drink spiking. Pitching at Demo Day would enable us to garner greater awareness for our pivot, as well as gain valuable insights from the entrepreneurial community on ways to continue to improve our product offerings, positioning, and story telling. This event would also be invaluable in connecting with regional venture capitalists and angel investors as we prepare for the full launch of Knope tests.”

  • Venture Name: Elder Nourish
  • Founder: Kim Lipinski
  • Program(s): 2-Day Launch Camp, Impact Accelerator
  • Mission Statement: To improve the health and lives of older adultsenabling them to age in place at home.
  • Why Kim is participating in Demo Day:  “Elder Nourish has an opportunity to expand to Boston and could use support and resources to accomplish this.”

Lauren McDanell

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