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Meet The Speakers At SEED SPOT’s 10th Anniversary Demo Day Showcase

This year marks SEED SPOT’s tenth anniversary, and we are excited to invite some amazing SEED SPOT alumni to speak at a special Demo Day event! Meet the impact driven founders whose innovations are impacting millions of lives globally and who are pitching LIVE at Phoenix’s historic Herberger Theater.

Get to know these special ventures!

  • Venture Name: DEI Pro Finder
  • Founder: Juan Taveras
  • Mission Statement: We connect business leaders with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) resources they need to maximize the impact and effectiveness of their DEI strategies and enhance their workplace culture.
  • Why Juan is participating in Demo Day: We want every person to experience the feeling of belonging in their workplace.

  • Venture Name: Table Building
  • Founder: Meg Taylor
  • Mission Statement: Our mission is to connect committed people through stories and strategy.
  • Why Meg is participating in Demo Day: I believe that everyone can change this world for the better, they just need to be connected with the people and resources to help them achieve it. I created Table Building to expand the impact and reach of the nonprofit sector and to transform how people think about helping each other.

  • Venture Name: Genius Diagnostics
  • Founder: Laurel Crosby
  • Mission Statement: Our mission is to solve medical mysteries so that people can get on with living their best lives.
  • Why Lauren is participating in Demo Day: Because the world is full of hidden risks and sick people can’t afford to go through life by trial and error.

  • Venture Name: Pet Connect Business
  • Founder: Hector Ocasio
  • Mission Statement: Pet Connect Business is the world’s first digital management system purpose built for pet service providers. We help pet service businesses implement and manage digital solutions to better connect with their customers online.

Why Hector is participating in Demo Day: To empower pet service businesses to utilize digital technology to better reach the hundreds of millions of pets that need them.

  • Venture Name:
  • Founder: Retha Hill
  • Mission Statement: We make history more personal so Americans can connect better with each other.
  • Why Retha is participating in Demo Day: Cultural wars have made it difficult for Americans to embrace our collective history largely because we are unaware of the contributions made by a diverse population since the beginning. By starting the discussion with our family history and how our ancestors fit into our collective narrative, we hope people can learn and share. Gamified storytelling using interactive avatars, authentic characters, and artifacts uniquely helps to bring both personal and U.S. history alive.

  • Venture Name: Looking Lens
  • Founder: Brittney Dias
  • Mission Statement: We create stories that inspire Black and Brown children to reach their full potential.

Why Brittney is participating in Demo Day: An image can look beautiful or distorted depending on the Lens you view it through. There are many kids whose lenses for how they see themselves in the world are distorted, broken, or non-existent. Only 11.7 % of children’s books and only 5.6% of children’s cartoons contain Black characters. It is time that children of all backgrounds are able to view themselves portrayed in a clear, positive, and empowering light. Looking Lens does more than create stories. We give children a lens in which they can see their potential and develop their identity.

  • Venture Name: The H.E.A.R.T. Center
  • Founder: Chelsea Harden
  • Mission Statement: We provide alternative and intentional therapeutic learning opportunities to children with social learning challenges and related disorders.
  • Why Retha is participating in Demo Day: Horses have always helped me find my anchor in life. As I gravitated to the world of equine therapy I saw what a difference it makes for all kiddos to create a connection with a horse. After being told countless stories of abuse and neglect that so many of my students had experienced in the public school special education system, I wanted more. I wanted them to be able to go to school in their favorite place and for them to have access to a community of people that believed in them and all they were capable of. The H.E.A.R.T Center Academy has exceeded my wildest dreams and their smiles and successes reaffirm my why each and every day.

  • Venture Name: Agriscaping
  • Founder: Justin Rohner
  • Mission Statement: To improve local food access & sustainability by transforming landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens easily managed with the help of online tools, education and professional support.
  • Why Retha is participating in Demo Day: Agriscaping’s mission is to improve local food access & sustainability by transforming landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens easily managed with the help of online tools, education and professional support.

Learn about SEED SPOT’s history through the eyes of the entrepreneurs who are changing the world. Attend as a VIP guest and your party starts at 5PM. Doors to the theater open at 5:45PM for general admission and the show starts at 6PM.

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