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Melanie Kuta’s participation in SEED SPOT’s Impact Accelerator opened doors for her and her venture. Read what other alumni have to say about SEED SPOT’s programming

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Melanie Kuta, founder of Outside Meditation, participated in our in-person Arizona Impact Accelerator. This eight week program introduced her to resources, mentors, and a community that has become invaluable to her entrepreneurial journey. 

Outside Meditation is a pop-up mindfulness experience that utilizes a unique nature-based meditation approach. Without a brick and mortar site, Outside Meditation transforms open-aired spaces, finding unique places for wellness. Woman owned and mission driven, this venture is focused on bringing peace of mind to every community member (with the eventual goal of becoming nation-wide). 

After attending SEED SPOT’s Impact Accelerator, Melanie has made many changes to her venture, including advertising methods and pricing quotas. One event of note was Venture Thursdays, a pitching event where entrepreneurs pitch to small rooms of mentors. The feedback and guidance that Melanie has received from these events has helped to elevate her pitch and business plan.

Due to the in-person nature of this Impact Accelerator, Melanie brainstormed first-hand with fellow entrepreneurs. “It’s inspiring to see other people go after their goals.” This accelerator program also allowed Melanie to better articulate her message, and she’s enjoyed the clarity this has provided her and her venture!

Melanie’s goal is to provide wellness to as many people as possible. With a deep knowledge of mental health and meditation, Outside Meditation is working towards alleviating anxiety, providing clarity, and connecting people back to nature. In the coming year, Melanie hopes to bring in strategic advisors and mentors, as well as create more B to B partnerships. If you’re interested in being part of Outside Meditation’s mission, reach out to Melanie today.

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