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Meet SEED SPOT’s Measuring & Evaluation Fellow, Precious Jacdonmi!

By: Precious Jacdonmi, Measuring and Evaluation Fellow at SEED SPOT

Hello SEED SPOT community! My name is Precious and I am from the north central region of Nigeria. I was born and raised in the southern part of the country. However, I moved up north to start my career path and family. I graduated from University of Jos in Nigeria with a BSc in Mathematics, a PGD in Information Technology from the National Open University of Nigeria, and an MBA from the University of South Wales, London.

My love for data collection and monitoring activities started during my undergraduate studies. Under the UNICEF and WHO Polio Eradication Initiative, I supported data collection and monitoring activities, volunteering as an end-process monitor during Immunization Plus Days as an undergraduate. Because of this discovered passion for Monitoring and Evaluation, I started applying this focus to any opportunity I encountered.

As a result of my acquired skills on M&E, I executed different projects with organizations such as EU, German Cooperation, UNICEF, UKAid and Adam Smith International over the last four years. I had the opportunity to play key roles in these projects, thereby impacting lives. 

I recently engaged in the DFID-Funded Mafita programme in Northern Nigeria as a Monitoring and Results Measurement Officer. I supported the overall project monitoring; M&E system design and implementation, development of indicator trackers, processing and dissemination of MRM findings and best practices to facilitate evidence-based planning, learning and decision-making. 

I have been engaged as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in Nigeria under the DFID-funded GEMS3 programme, supporting improvements in the monitoring and statistical systems with the use of technology. I supported the SEDIN program with GIZ Nigeria, providing sustainable entrepreneurial skill training and coaching to women in Small and Medium Enterprises, funded by the EU. I also initiated the design and implementation of an advocacy platform and symposium, aimed at providing national level recognition, and supporting the growth of MSMEs in the country. This created a good business enabling environment. 

My other passions and interests include community development, public health, leadership and business entrepreneurship, but mostly photography.  I love taking pictures and I have some experience working at events and studio sessions.


I have always enjoyed and admired the feats of entrepreneurs like Mohammed Yunus, who is viewed as the “Father of Social Entrepreneurship”. When I applied to the Atlas Fellowship to serve in the United States, I wanted to help social innovators solving real problems in their communities. Little did I know that I would be working in one of the fastest growing social impact incubators worldwide.

I initially had no clue what SEED SPOT’s mission and vision were, but after meeting the team, I instantly fell in love with the work they do to empower impact-driven entrepreneurs across the United States. I was motivated by the passion their alumni bring to the social causes they champion and their drive to make the world a better place.

The fact that “SEED SPOT believes that catalyzing diverse, impact-driven entrepreneurs of all ages is the key to solve society’s most pressing challenges” through business was compelling for me. This one simple but powerful vision statement made me feel connected to SEED SPOT. 

During my fellowship I hope to learn about the American entrepreneurial spirit and ecosystem while also using my experience and skills as a Measuring and Evaluation Specialist to improve the program design and consolidate key impact metrics. I strongly believe that SEED SPOT will afford me the support, mentorship, and resources I need to further develop professionally and learn valuable knowledge that I can take back with me to my home country of Nigeria.     

I also want to contribute to the growth and expansion of the organization. My goal is to bring a new approach and perspective to impact evaluation by creating new ways to visualize impact and create robust databases that are easy to use by anyone on the team. Additionally, I plan to create a partnership between SEED SPOT and the Nigerian entrepreneur network and help SEED SPOT expand to the African continent in the future and help grow the number of SEED SPOT alumni and supporters globally. 

Since joining the company and experiencing the work culture, I feel privileged to be part of a phenomenal team! I am three weeks into my SEED SPOT experience and it already feels incredible. I am more than excited to continue this journey and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Lauren McDanell

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