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SEED SPOT Alumnus Profile – Paraffin International

SEED SPOT is profiling SEED SPOT alumni that are part of InvestSW’s Venture Madness. Venture Madness is the premier investment competition in the Southwest and the top 64 companies compete for investment dollars. We are proud to support our alumni that are participating in the competition and the growing startup ecosystem in Arizona. As part of the competition, the world gets to help select the companies that advance. We sat down for a quick chat with Deanna Montrose the founder of Paraffin International. Let’s learn a bit more about this SEED SPOT alumnus participating in Venture Madness! 

Venture Name: Paraffin International Inc.

Deanna Montrose the Founder of Paraffin International

Founder: Deanna Montrose

Tell us a bit about Paraffin International? 

Paraffin International is the maker of the gLOVE Treat a revolutionary medical device containing a medical grade paraffin wax treatment blend. Paraffin wax is used to treat arthritis joint pain, muscle aches, scarring, and other skin and pain issues with moist heat that aids in circulation and relieves stiffness.

The archaic paraffin pot is extremely time consuming, 2-hours to melt, and potentially unsanitary. gLOVE Treat delivers a paraffin formula in a sealed self-contained, single patient use glove and boot system that heats in a microwave in two minutes. Our patented system includes a thermo indicator to make the product safe for professional and consumer use. Paraffin Intl. has essentially completed USA reshoring to ensure, FDA, QA, and manufacturing quality. gLOVE Treat can now be used for several clinical applications and pure beauty enhancements without concern of sourcing locations or sanitation issues.

gLove Treat box and glove display

Paraffin International’s product gLove Treat

What do the next 12 months look like for you?

We will be adding additional market channels. We currently are in Salons and Spas. In 2017, we will be entering the massage and medical markets, such as hospitals and occupational and physical therapy centers. Also, we just moved our product production from overseas to the USA and are now ready to add a few new products!

How can the SEED SPOT community help you succeed?

SEED SPOT has already been instrumental in my success with education and guidance as well as introductions to key people that could assist me in my start up needs. SEED SPOT is still doing this today by staying connected with me, pushing out important information, and bringing me key information of education, grants and assistance that is necessary for our company to grow.

As part of the Venture Madness competition the world gets to vote on the companies that proceed in the competition!  

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