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SEED SPOT is profiling SEED SPOT alumni that are part of InvestSW’s Venture Madness. Venture Madness is the premier investment competition in the Southwest and the top 64 companies compete for investment dollars. We are proud to support our alumni that are participating in the competition and the growing startup ecosystem in Arizona. As part of the competition, the world gets to help select the companies that advance. We sat down for a quick chat with Robert Yao and Neel Mehta the founders of EpiFinder. Let’s learn a bit more about this SEED SPOT alumnus participating in Venture Madness! 

Venture Name: EpiFinder

Founders of EpiFinder Neel Mehta and Robert Yao stand side by side

Neel Mehta and Robert Yao, Founders of EpiFinder


What is EpiFinder’s Mission?

To end misdiagnosis and medical errors through our novel clinical diagnostic application.

Why did you start this venture?

To improve people’s lives, one step at a time.

What do the next 12 months look like for you?

Generate revenue, raise growth capital, and expand our algorithm to other disease conditions.

What is one piece of advice would you share with a future entrepreneur?


Neel has shared with SEED SPOT great advice in the past, so check out his 5 Steps to Making Lasting Impact here

How can the SEED SPOT community help you succeed?

Introduction to investors, doctors, and bringing awareness that 1 in 26 people suffer from epilepsy in the community.

As part of the Venture Madness competition the world gets to vote on the companies that proceed in the competition!

Be sure to vote for Robert and Neel and help them progress to the next round of Venture Madness:

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