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A Session with Sara, SEED SPOT’s new Phoenix Executive Director!

By: Bianca Buliga, Content Curator Intern


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… SEED SPOT’s new Phoenix Executive Director (and full-time Superwoman), Sara Scoville-Weaver!


You’ve heard her name, you’ve likely read the press releases, and you may have even spotted her moving into her seventh-floor desk overlooking downtown Phoenix. But who is the impressive lady chosen to spearhead SEED SPOT Phoenix’s mission to empower socially-conscious entrepreneurs?


As SEED SPOT expands nationally, Sara is eager to continue building on the impactful foundation supporting entrepreneurs in Phoenix. Sara’s portfolio of achievements is diverse and remarkable: since receiving her BA in International Affairs from George Washington University, Sara strengthened her kryptonite immunity as a Geospatial Analyst for Geostellar Inc., and an expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for SkyTruth Inc., and Global Water Resources. She most recently worked as a MicroBusiness Program Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee here in Phoenix, where she managed policy implementation for a refugee-focused business lending program that disbursed 60 loans totaling more than $260,000 over three years. Among over sixty exceptional candidates, Sara’s wit, determination, and resume propelled her to secure the SEED SPOT Phoenix Executive Director position.


Sara’s new role will focus on developing new partnerships, strengthening corporate and community relationships, and continuing to put the Valley of the Sun on the map for social entrepreneurship. Her combined experience working with vulnerable populations and collaborative leadership style will indubitably be a life force for SEED SPOT Phoenix’s lasting success. Her stint on the Wheel of Fortune, popcorn-eating obsession, fascinating travel stories, and trademark smile have effortlessly  won over the SEED SPOT team already. But be careful not to confuse Sara with her identical twin sister who is only eight minutes younger!


Even while spearheading some great new partnerships, Sara was gracious enough to spend a few minutes chatting with me about everything from SEED SPOT Phoenix’s future to the hilarious song that is her guilty pleasure. Keep reading to find out more!


Bianca: Congratulations on being hired as the Executive Director of SEED SPOT Phoenix, Sara! What excites you most about joining SEED SPOT?


Sara: I am most excited to join the incredible team and mission already in place, and to see what we can all create together as Phoenix continues to grow!


Bianca: You have quite the impressive resume! In your previous position as a Micro Business Program Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee, what skills or lessons did you learn that you hope to bring to the SEED SPOT table?


Sara: Working with the refugee and immigrant population is extremely rewarding and extremely challenging. I learned first and foremost that positivity is key: some people I have worked with revealed their dreams to me before anyone else. I was able to see how much of a gift that was and how much of a privilege it was for me to be involved in that process.


Bianca: How do you envision SEED SPOT Phoenix evolving in the next few years with your guidance?


Sara: I want to see SEED SPOT Phoenix continue to impact more lives and more entrepreneurs in Phoenix and become the heart of social entrepreneurship and community building in the city.


Bianca: Have you ever started your own socially-conscious business venture? If not, what cause would you dedicate your business to?


Sara: I have not! But I have absolutely thought about it. Oh… it is hard to choose. I have a lot of causes but probably something with an environmental focus. Anything related to nature and the protection of our beautiful natural world.


Bianca: Now to transition into less professional questions… how would you describe yourself in a few words?


Sara: Loyal, energetic, focused, and talkative.


Bianca: What song is your jam-out-in-the-car guilty pleasure?


Sara: Definitely Miley Cyrus’s “Do My Thang”.


Bianca: With your busy lifestyle, what do you do in your free time to unwind and relax?


Sara: I love to go horseback riding, watch PBS, walk around the mall with a huge lemonade, spend time with my family, and hike in the beautiful Arizona wilderness.


Bianca: What was your best experience in a foreign country? What about your worst experience?


Sara: My best experience was in Marrakesh, Morocco walking around one of the oldest market squares in the world at sunset. For some reason, I felt incredibly connected to everyone around me and just ahhh blissful! My worst experience was also in Morocco (funny enough)! I got heat exhaustion in the Sahara Desert and fainted and almost fell into an open pit well! Thank goodness the person standing next to me had quick reflexes!


Bianca: It sounds like you’ve had so many amazing experiences! What is something on your bucket list?


Sara: I would love to one day go jet skiing!


Bianca: Let’s end things off with a SEED SPOT favorite. If you could ride any animal (fictional or non-fictional) into battle, what would it be and why?


Sara: Well I hate the idea of a battle and my involvement in one, but if I had to, I would choose riding in on a heffalump.


Well there it is, folks. Executive Director of Phoenix certainly looks like the perfect job for Superwoman. Welcome to the SEED SPOT family, Sara – we’re ecstatic you’re here.


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