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Got Plans for September? Now you do.


By C’pher Gresham, National Director of Expansion

Last October, SEED SPOT sent me to SOCAP, Social Capital Markets Conference in San Francisco, to learn, network, and be a part of the global social enterprise community. The conference happens at Fort Mason Park that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Who doesn’t love a few days in San Francisco eating delicious food and drinking a few craft cocktails all while networking with others doing social good globally?



I said “Game on.”


Little did I know that I was in for a tremendous experience that far exceeded my expectations and left my head whirling for weeks. I learned a ton, but a few lessons that highlight the benefits of SOCAP are:


1. The sum is greater than the parts.

Most conferences focus heavily on programming or heavy on network building. SOCAP does both… and really well. This creates a scenario that elevates conversations above the status quo of job positions and the weather to conversations about how two companies can collaborate to share data or to find more impactful techniques to deliver programs or how to transfer knowledge developed in East Africa to inner City Detroit.

Great Content + Great Networking Opportunities = Great Outcomes.


2. Finding Your Tribe (One You Believe In.)

 When finding friends and work colleagues, we tend to look for individuals that share a similar ideology and outlook on life to ours. We do this, for better or worse, because we attach some part of our identity to what we believe and what we do. In the world of social entrepreneurship, it can be hard to find other people who believe that business can be the solution to societal problems. SOCAP assembled a group of people with varying political beliefs, differing business backgrounds, and disperse geographic backgrounds that all came together to discuss how we can push the boundaries on how business, both nonprofits and for-profits, can do good in the world. At SOCAP, I am proud to say that I found a diverse and powerful tribe.


3. SOCAP is for all stages of entrepreneurs.

Every stage of entrepreneur, funder, and support organization is represented at SOCAP. The mix of all stages and organizations means that you can conspire with similar stage entrepreneurs, explore partnerships with large companies, and network with investors that are focused on social companies. It doesn’t happen often that you can find a cross section of entrepreneurs, funders, foundations, and support organizations all in one place.


Will SEED SPOT be at SOCAP 16? You bet and would love to see you there. For the SEED SPOT community we have secured a special rate of $200 off.


SOCAP will be the week of September 13-16th in San Francisco. To receive $200 off the current ticket price register and use the promo code NP_SeedSpot. We encourage you to register sooner as the ticket price will increase as SOCAP approaches.



Date: Sept 13-16

Location: Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

SOCAP16 site:

SEED SPOT Discount Code: NP_SeedSpot

Lauren McDanell

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