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The Arizona Republic – 9 Entrepreneurs Chosen for SEED SPOT Program

By Sue Doerfler

Seed Spot has a new cohort of entrepreneurs.

The spring class features nine companies that will spend 14 weeks undergoing a 250-hour business program that includes working with Seed Spot mentors and experts to develop their businesses.

The entrepreneurs are:

AZ Vision and Hearing, a company that is developing software that manages student vision and hearing screenings.

The Genius Factory, a grassroots group that provides affordable tutoring and test-prep services.

GreenLight Solutions. The company helps other businesses incorporate sustainability strategies.

The Harden Education and Recreation Therapy (H.E.A.R.T.) Center. The center is developing a non-traditional school that uses an integrated learning approach to special education.

HUYA, a mobile app for urgent home/vehicle services. The app uses GPS in smart phones to locate and dispatch the closest available service professional.

Nagi Foundation, which creates animal safety programs in the Native American community.

Paraffin International. This manufacturing company has created gLove Treat, a therapeutic paraffin wax treatment that helps treat dry and aged skin among people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Wellness Lifestyle. The company’s goal is to determine an edgy and interesting way to make college students care about wellness.

ZombieBox, which is working to reduce noise pollution.

Seed Spot,, is a non-profit incubator that supports social entrepreneurs focusing on

education, the environment, health care, human rights, energy, children’s welfare or civic engagement.

Lauren McDanell

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