Incubating ventures
with social impact

SEED SPOT believes in the power of social entrepreneurs to tackle major human, environmental, and social problems. Good ideas become strong ventures when supported by an awesome community. At SEED SPOT, we have built a community that is passionate about finding, advancing, and funding the ideas of entrepreneurs that have developed a product, service, or technology to improve the human condition. If you are committed to creating social impact, we want to talk to you.  


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"SEED SPOT fills an incredible need for local entrepreneurs working to solve big problems by creating social impact. Social impact is a space that's never been truly disrupted. Thanks to SEED SPOT that's all about to change."

Josh Manley

Founder of ReplyBuy

"SEED SPOT has assembled a large group of experienced entrepreneurs who will maintain a constant presence, accessible to the participants to help address challenges or simply to refresh a participant’s perspective and restore his/her optimism and energy. SEED SPOT is where altruism meets entrepreneurship, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the organization."

Alan Lobock

Co-Founder SkyMall Magazine

"Empowering social entrepreneurs and collaboration are critical to fueling economies and improving lives. It’s exciting to be a part of SEED SPOT and experience firsthand the impact they will make on the world by catalyzing a social entrepreneurship movement."

Barbara McAllister

Director of Global Strategic Initiatives, Intel Foundation

"SEED SPOT helps each startup harness their passion to power a business vehicle, where the customers and the larger community win concurrently through their efforts."

Ray DelMuro

Founder & CEO of Refresh Glass

"With SEED SPOT, we further Phoenix's efforts of supporting our local entrepreneurs by expanding the avenues of opportunity and consolidating resources into one location."

Pat Armstrong

Vice President of JDA Investments & SEED SPOT Board Chair

"SEED SPOT brings back the ability to live out your dream without any fears… The ingredients of success to help you cultivate your future to develop business opportunities through partnerships transforming ideas into reality."

Luis De La Cruz

President & CEO, Andale Construction, Inc.

“Phoenix is coming out of this recession, but in order to break that boom-and-bust cycle of the past, we need innovative ideas generated by new entrepreneurs, helped by incubators, to drive Arizona’s economy toward future success. Phoenix has to lead with a diverse and sustainable economy and we can achieve that with partnerships like these."

Greg Stanton

Mayor of Phoenix

“SEED SPOT is an organization doing what many Arizona businessmen and politicians are discussing: being an incubator to businesses here in Phoenix...I am drawn to the action vs. the usual rhetoric.”

Ryan Suchala

President of Bank of Arizona