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Drew Shaw

Programs Facilitator

Drew Shaw relocated from North Carolina to Arizona to teach in one of Phoenix’s most underserved communities with Teach For America after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with dual degrees in International Studies and Romance Languages. He is the co-founder and CEO of Acumen Learning Innovations, an education consulting company that provides dynamic learning experiences built around team building, instructional practices, and strategic planning. Drawing from the richness of his diverse personal and professional background, Drew published his first children’s book in 2017 - Rosewood Circle: The First Day, the first book in the Rosewood Circle series. Drew’s most current venture is Voyce Threads, a socially conscious lifestyle brand that brings awareness to important causes through mismatched socks.

As an entrepreneur, Drew spends much of his time speaking to students and adults about the power of following their passion - and uses his own personal narrative to demonstrate how one good idea can lead to another. Drew has a knack for drawing connections between his varied interests in education, community service, and entrepreneurship. His education consulting company, children's book, and innovative lifestyle brand serve as platforms to inspire others to courageously pursue what matters most to them.

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