Launch and scale your idea to positively impact lives.


Why Our Work Matters

Our curriculum places impact at the core of the entrepreneur's business model. Our goal is to learn about the entrepreneurs desired impact and provide training, support, and tools that lead to the desired impact. Our assessment process includes impact surveys and case studies that teach us the breadth of impact created by supported ventures.


View SEED SPOT’s State of social ventures 2020 report

Entrepreneur Journeys

Danna Evans

AVA School Solutions

Matthew Cottle

Stuttering King Bakery

Jenny Anderson

Celebrate EDU

Omron Blauo

Telescrypts & Refugee Code Academy

Our mission: Social Impact

Entrepreneurs Served


Capital Raised

Jobs Created


Women Founders


Traditionally Underrepresented


Lives Impacted


of Ventures Still in Business


Revenue Generated


Feel More Confident in Starting Their Business After Our Programs


SDG Breakdown

43% Equality & Economic Opportunity

23% Health and Wellness

14% Civic Engagement

7% Environmental Sustainability

12% Education

1% Other

How We Approach Impact

Our curriculum places impact at the core of the business model. Our vision challenges us to learn about our impact and to develop impact practices that contribute to continuous quality improvement. Our system to assess impact includes surveys and studies that teaches us the breadth of impact created by supported ventures.

We aligned our organizational, program, and social impact indicators with the standard impact metric taxonomy, IRIS.


  • Business & Leadership Training
  • Access to Mentor Network
  • Exposure to Content Experts
  • Connections to Local Resources
  • Business Exposure Events
  • Alumni Network


  • Improve Social Services with a Product, Service, or Technology
  • Interact with Local Resources
  • Create New Jobs
  • Target Underserved Populations


  • Accelerated Businesses
  • Strengthened Business Leaders
  • Healthier Business Ecosystems
  • Connected to Capital Raise and Grant Opportunities

View SEED SPOT’s 2020 Impact Report

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