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Janine Davison

Senior leader, Intel Corporation

Janine Davison comes to SeedSpot with an extensive background as an senior leader at Intel.  Over her career, she was intimately involved in over 5 organizational initiatives, which included the Internet of Things, global channels/distribution, and new business ventures to name a few.

She is a transformational leader adept at new market development with the right products, partners and routes to markets. Her unique abilities to balance strategy with implementation leading to results is key in her successes.

As a collaborative leader, Janine builds relationships, working with and through others to achieve business goals, and meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Her leadership principle is to paint the vision and enable the team to know their role in its success. She views it’s the responsibility of leaders to create an environment that enables people to work at their natural best: listen, support, enable.

Janine is a consummate mentor, guiding and developing others to be their best.

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