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What is the SEED SPOT 500?

We’re glad you asked! A committed group of supporters, mentors, and SEED SPOT alumni that contribute $500 annually to support entrepreneurs who are solving social problems.

Donate to empower more entrepreneurs from all backgrounds solving important social issues around the world.

Your $500 annual contribution allows SEED SPOT to:

  • Provides full scholarships to 2 entrepreneurs to a 2-Day Launch Camp program
  • Provides a partial scholarship to 1 entrepreneur in our Impact Accelerator
  • Sponsors 1 student team to attend DEMO DAY
  • Connects 2 mentors with a classroom of students


Robert Adducci

Timothy Bidwell

Jess Bissey

Chris Cardinal

Wayne Chen

Howard Eisenberg

Langston Emerson*

Scott Eshom

Alex Fram-Schwartz

Adam Goodman

C'pher Gresham & Morganne Rosenhaus

Steve & Sally Gresham

Russell Goldstein

Sheila Herrling

Steve Holman & Georgine MacGarvey*

Brad Jannenga

Scott Kaufmann

Traug Keller

Ronald Kelly

Courtney Klein

Darrell Kidd

Regina Kuvakos

MaryAnn Marasco

Lauren McDanell

Tammy McLeod

Charles Mitchell

Janene Miller

Brian Moll

Erin O'Shea*

Art Paikowsky

Brent Papek*

Susan Penfield*

Corinn Perry

Andrew Phelps

Carol Poore

Duke Schwartz

Justin Talbot - Stern

Avein Saaty-Tafoya

Vince Scarpinato

Stephen Stingle*

Mahesh Vinayagam

Nathaniel Wong

*The generous donation levels of these individuals are also recognized on our SUPPORTERS page.

“I cannot imagine a better investment for our future than to contribute to the vision of SEED SPOT. Through its focus on educating and equipping socially minded entrepreneurs, SEED SPOT is impacting the lives of those who are going on to impact the lives of others and creating measurable and progressive change in this world. I am privileged to also sit on the Board of Directors and so happy to be part of the vision.”

- Brent Papek, SEED SPOT 500 Member

Individual Donors

Wa'il Ashshowwaf

Nico Buliga

Jennifer Borawski

Megan Christensen

Julie Hydzu

Emily Liner

Daniel Openden

The Perry 'Ohana

Michael Malloy

Makenzie Marzluff

James McDonald

Makenzie McIntosh

Forest Melton

Lisa Morrow

Elaine Nickoli

Harry Papp

Gabriel Ramirez

Youmna Sirgi

Crystal Taggart


Invites to exlusive events
Invites to exlusive events
Unique SEED SPOT Swag
Unique SEED SPOT Swag
Unique SEED SPOT Swag
Unique SEED SPOT Swag
Mentorship opportunities with Entrepreneurs
Mentorship opportunities with Entrepreneurs
VIP Access to Events
VIP Access to Events
Recognized at Signature Events
Recognized at Signature Events

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