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Seth Kenton

Program Facilitator

SETH KENTON Program Facilitator

"When you get to the top of a mountain, keep climbing..."

-Jack Kerouax, The Dharma Bums


Seth has been working in youth development and STEM education for over 15 years and has been lucky enough to serve local communities and thousands of young people across metro Denver since 2009. He spent six years teaching Technology & Media Arts via a Montessori school in Golden, Colorado and then shifted gears and pursued a full-time path of after-school enrichment and music education. An established DJ in the Denver and Colorado scene, Seth takes his passion for music and science to new heights via his electronic music project, Travel Kit, as well as his interest in astronomy where he serves as a Solar System Ambassador and volunteers with NASA. Seth is madly in love with traditional archery and the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and he can be found on trail across the state all year long.

He is currently the Career Pathways Facilitator with Gold Crown Foundation and absolutely loves the connection between SEED SPOT and his group of 25 high school students. The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in Denver and we are having a blast with our Project Phase!

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