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EY partners with SEED SPOT to mentor entrepreneurs

SEED SPOT believes in the relationship between success and community, with mentorship playing a key factor in this. Our mentorship community is filled with hundreds of astounding and accomplished individuals. These mentors range in skills and experience, but they all share something in common: dedication.

In early 2021, SEED SPOT Board member Brent Papek, Partner at EY, elevated SEED SPOT’s mentorship program by connecting us with the EY Ripples team. Because of this partnership, hundreds of mentors have ventured our way, and hundreds of ventures have been mentored! In fact, during EY’s last day of service—days where all EY staff are encouraged to volunteer simultaneously—125 mentors volunteered at SEED SPOT’s programming, becoming a historic milestone for SEED SPOT.

Kate Sando from EY’s Corporate Responsibility team and the EY Ripples program are dedicated to creating corporate social responsibility. EY Ripples is the firm’s global corporate responsibility program aimed at mobilizing its 300,000 people around the world to build a better future by using its people’s skills to support youth and underserved groups, impact entrepreneurs, and the environment. 

By interacting with beneficiaries, like SEED SPOT’s entrepreneurs, EY has a direct impact on both the venture and the venture’s customers. EY mentors not only learn about new socially-focused business models, but they also find passion and feel energized in their mentoring sessions, pitch practices, and budget reviews. 

Kate believes in the power of being believed in, “When it comes to mentorship, sometimes we just need encouragement. And having someone believe in you is that propelling force to achieve your goals.” EY mentors, time and time again, feel the power of connection during their volunteer mentoring. SEED SPOT mentees, in turn, time and time again feel supported after mentoring sessions. 

We hope to continue expanding our mentorship community. Reach out if your company is interested in supporting social impact and our innovative entrepreneurs. 

Lauren McDanell

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