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SEED SPOT believes that catalyzing diverse impact-driven entrepreneurs of all ages is the key to solving society’s most pressing challenges.

To unleash the innovation of entrepreneurs nationwide, we're training Community Organizers to nurture their local impact economies by running nationally-recognized programs.  Equipped with turn-key curriculum, logistics support, and ongoing help from our team, Community Organizers cultivate the visions of entrepreneurs creating a better world.

But we need your help. We’re calling all champions of change to help us inspire entrepreneurs who dare to #dreamBIG.

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"Rationally understand that no idea or business is perfect, but the key is collaboration with others. Listen to advice and constantly improve upon your original idea. Know when to appreciate success, but never stop growing your idea’s potential!"

Neel Mehta, Co-Founder of Epifinder

Programs We Offer


2-Day Launch Camp

  • A safe space for you to explore and launch your idea
  • A springboard and onramp for you to start and grow your new venture
  • Receive guidance in validating your customers and market
  • Receive feedback in building a Minimum Viable Business (MVB)
  • Gain access to mentors, content experts, SEED SPOT's curriculum, and a network of supporters
  • Gain connections to other entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem builders
  • Opportunity to pitch at a live Pitch Night at the end of the second day

Impact Accelerator

  • A long-term program that empowers you to expand your impact and operations rapidly
  • A structured approach over the course of several months to help you develop your venture
  • Led by experienced Community Organizers who have already hosted three 2-Day Launch Camps
  • Receive mentorship from top-tier business mentors
  • Prepare for investment or scaling
  • Gain access to mentors, content experts, SEED SPOT's curriculum, and a network of supporters
  • Gain connections to other entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem builders
  • Opportunity to pitch live at a large, community-wide Demo Day

There are SEED SPOT Programs running in cities across the country. We do this to empower more impact-driven entrepreneurs from all walks of life. In our programs, entrepreneurs are surrounded by support, mentors, our proprietary impact canvas, and access to capital.

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"Finding out about SEED SPOT was life-changing for me. I would wish SEED SPOT's mentorships and education on all the entrepreneurs starting up - all the people who have this idea in their mind or who are trying to right the wrongs of society like I am."

Sheila Iyengar, Founder of the Nagi Foundation

Current SEED SPOT Communities Programs


"Be open to growth and change, and be open to feedback and mentorship! Everybody’s feedback, whether I deemed it positive or negative at the time, helped to shape the H.E.A.R.T Center and bring it in the direction that it’s going!”

Chelsea Harden, Founder of H.E.A.R.T. Center

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Tampa Bay, FL


Philadelphia, PA

Chiang Mai, Thailand at Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Park.

Chiang Mai, Thailand


The George Washington University

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My biggest challenge in starting my business was figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B. In just two days, SEED SPOT gave me a lot of confidence and connections. They answered all of my questions and really empowered me. I know I can always reach back out if I get stuck."

Andrijan Smaic, Founder of Sustain Bars

How It Works

Bring SEED SPOT to your community by becoming a Community Organizer. A Community Organizer galvanizes the local impact economy, supports impact-driven entrepreneurs, and helps build a SEED SPOT 2-Day Launch Camp.

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Reach out to us to request an overview packet



Apply to become a Community Organizer



Get trained through an engaging support process by SEED SPOT team members



Run a 2-Day Launch Camp in your community!