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Students are Leaders of the Future

SEED SPOT Schools is on a mission to educate, train, and support the next generation of problem solvers.

We've developed turnkey curriculum that integrates entrepreneurship, STEM, and design-thinking to equip students with the 21st century skills necessary to create market-based solutions to social problems. 

Partner with us to join the ranks of innovative and cutting-edge schools nationwide transforming their students into proactive leaders of the future. We can't wait to work with you!


"Before SEED SPOT, I never would have seen myself as an entrepreneur. In fact, I didn’t even really know what an entrepreneur was. But I understand now that entrepreneurs are just regular people, like me, who actively seek out solutions to the problems in their communities.”

Josh Kaplan, Co-Founder of BrailleBoard
Read more about his SEED SPOT journey HERE.

Programs We Offer


Explore: Intro to Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship

A flexible 20-lesson program designed to help students:

  • Identify social problems
  • Understand root causes of systemic issues
  • Explore being a social entrepreneur
  • Connect with community mentors
  • Launch mini-ventures to address local problems
  • Virtually compete against national Explore students

Build: Designing an impact-driven business

A year-long course designed to help students:

  • Utilize design thinking to assess social problems
  • Understand root cause analysis
  • Assess individual strengths and form diverse teams
  • Ideate and prototype solutions
  • Build business models, cost, and revenue structures
  • Form pitch decks and compete at Demo Day to win cash prizes

Scale: Launching an impact-driven business

A year-long course designed to help students:

  • Rapidly prototype solutions
  • Iterate through customer feedback
  • Launch go-to-market strategy
  • Define scalable business models
  • Build out team and advisors
  • Design pitch deck to raise capital

**Must first participate in the Build program to be eligible for Scale.**



Learn about the benefits of teaching high school students entrepreneurship


Hosted by SEED SPOT, Demo Day is the culminating event after a year of students identifying social problems, prototyping solutions, iterating through customer feedback, and developing a go-to-market strategy. Student teams from across the country present their three-minute pitches to an audience of hundreds for the opportunity to win cash prizes.

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"SEED SPOT’s curriculum taught me how to communicate with people in a professional manner and how much work it actually takes to create a business. It also made me realize all the problems in society and how much we can do to help fix those issues. It definitely helped me feel more ready for college and a future career."

Tylor Tang, Co-Founder of Mobile Rain
Read more about her SEED SPOT journey HERE.


SEED SPOT partners with public, private, and charter schools. Here are some of our current partner schools:

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"I love working with SEED SPOT – it’s been very valuable. From finding ways to launch my venture to getting me involved in mentoring, SEED SPOT presented me with countless opportunities to make a difference. SEED SPOT is touching the lives of high school students who dream of making big things happen.”

Carlos Martinez, Co-Founder of Seeds for Needs
Read more about his SEED SPOT journey HERE.

How To Bring to Your School



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SEED SPOT curriculum is deployed to cultivate student innovation!

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"SEED SPOT was the first class I was super engaged and challenged in, yet at the same time I had a blast! It reminded me that learning could be fun.”

Anish Patel, Co-Founder of Eyes Up