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Michael Ellenby

I believe in the power of intent, the power of dream and the power of working as a team on a big game. I found SEED SPOT, and love the power of the community, and the power that the organization has to make significant and lasting change in the world through social entrepreneurship.

Born and raised in Australia, I have been fortunate enough to have lived, worked and travelled widely. I have always been interested in people, and how they come together as powerful teams to work on problems - whether they be business, cultural, familial or social issues. Throughout my career, and all over the world, I have always been amazed at the power of people's intent, the ability of a great team to succeed, and the strength of dreams. For most of the working career in technology sales and marketing, I worked to build great teams in companies large and small - IBM, GE, Cisco, as well as an executive in 3 technology startups - and have worked alongside some amazing people. Now settled in Arizona with my college-age daughter, I work with individuals and businesses on achieving results they are proud of.

You can change the world. We can help.